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Sales & Marketing

DMH understands the need to deliver revenue growth while maintaining a culture of compliance.  Our real-world training programs focus on minimizing the risk of unlawful promotion while maximizing sales performance.

Compliant Written Communication

Organizations create numerous written documents every day.  Many of these documents are hastily written, poorly worded and may not accurately reflect intent.  As a result, these communications may pose a significant compliance risk.

Medical Affairs

The FDA just released its long-awaited draft guidance on proactive communication of Health Care Economic Information (HCEI)
to payors and formulary committees.
Firms must ensure that they understand this guidance prior to implementation.

Field Medical Team

For Field Medical Teams to be a leading strategic partner with external and internal partners, life science companies must invest in continuous professional development for their field-facing MSLs.

Market Access Teams

The Market Access Team’s success depends on several factors including appropriate communication and dissemination of HCEI, and strategic account communication & collaboration.


DMH offers a variety of e-learning options including voice enriched video slides, policy refresh, and customized content.

Why Choose Us ?

DMH draws from their extensive biopharmaceutical experience and compliance industry knowledge to deliver real-world consulting solutions and training strategies that maximize the value of commercial, market access and field medical operations to improve field force effectiveness.

DMH brings extensive understanding of:

  • The most common sales, marketing, market access and field-based medical practices
  • Broad physician, disease state, payor, product, regulatory and hospital marketplace expertise
  • Significant experience working with cross-functional teams such as account managers and field-based medical colleagues
  • Vast commercial training, curriculum development and strategic planning expertise
  • Dynamic platform speaking skills

DMH BioPharm Advisors was founded in 2008.  In addition to be certified in Health Care Compliance (Seton Hall Law School), DMH has wide-ranging insight and knowledge of government investigations into the life-science industry.

Recent News

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The speaker was very excellent. This is a perfect example where I learned something important that is outside of my current role, but is important to know about as a medical affairs professional and leader.

Medical Affairs

The real-world case studies were highly interactive and had practical application.

Medical Affairs

I loved the discussions, it was very interactive and I appreciated the training.

Field Based Medical MSL

DMH was very impactful and provided a very robust and engaging compliance training experience.

General Counsel

I wish I had this training years ago!

District Sales Manager

It was very effective to hear this from a commercial perspective.

Sales Vice President

This is perhaps the best presentation I have ever heard.  I can't imagine someone more knowledgeable.

Compliance Director

This was the best training I have ever received in my entire career.

Specialty Sales Representative

We owe DMH a round of applause, this is the best training presentation that I have ever seen.

BioPharmaceutical CEO

This was the most real-world training I have seen. DMH's former commercial experience gave them a lot of credibility.

Field Sales Manager

DMH brough value to our meeting by sharing real-life experiences and providing solutions and options.

Compliance & Ethics Leader

DMH was a pleasure to deal with. Their response time and follow up were fantastic.

Training Director

Real-life practical examples are very helpful as learning tools.

Medical Affairs Head

Excellent training on account team communication.

Account Access Manager

DMH is one of the best consultant teams that I have ever worked with.

MSL Team Leader

Our Clients

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