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Sales and Marketing

Workshops For Commercial Colleagues

DMH understands the need to deliver revenue growth while maintaining a culture of compliance. Our training programs focus on minimizing the risk of unlawful promotion while maximizing field force effectiveness.  The workshops are designed to change individuals’ beliefs regarding the importance of engaging in effective and ethical customer and colleague interactions. The content is customized and delivered through storytelling and real-world interactive learning scenarios. The training is actionable and has a strong emphasis on what learners can and should do when placed in challenging situations.

Effective and Ethical Promotion

This workshop includes real-world learning scenarios. (These are subtle examples of how various customer interactions play out in the learner’s world – reflect everyday situations – and how to handle those situations in an effective and ethical manner.) The scenarios may be customized to take into account a learner’s job function, companies’ brand(s), SOPs and risk areas content, unique workshops, and thought-provoking activities are customized for your organization and are delivered in a language that your commercials teams will understand. The training curriculum has a strong emphasis on what participants can and should do.  As a result, learners are empowered to engage in effective and ethical promotion.

Compliant Collaboration with the Field Medical Team

Given the firewall that exists between commercial and medical,  firms need to ensure the ethical sharing of potential customer insights and the utilization of appropriate communication channels. This workshop explores how to:

  • Ensure the independence and integrity of medical (MSLs) and field based sales functions
  • Enable effective and compliant information sharing and communication across functions
  • Address the challenges that may arise between MSLs and field sales, and develop strategies to overcome them

Conversely, DMH also takes into account situations where there is a hesitancy to share customer insights or to write call notes.  DMH addresses the underlying fears and provides proven strategies to overcome them. 

Effective and Ethical Written Communication

Organizations create numerous written documents every day. Many of these documents are hastily written, poorly worded and may not be consistent with the laws that govern promotion. As a result, these documents may pose a significant risk for your organization. During these interactive training sessions, participants will see firsthand how their communications may be taken out of context and will learn how to write effective and ethical documents. This section includes emails and free text call note examples between sales colleagues, the field medical and account access teams.

Maximizing Field Call Effectiveness Using CRM Systems

The customer landscape in the life science industry is growing increasingly complex. Field facing teams must manage customer relationships with healthcare providers (HCPs) to include integrated delivery networks (“IDNs”), accountable care organizations, multiple payors and group practices. To coordinate and tailor customer outreach across these multiple channels, many companies are deploying customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

The ability to share appropriate customer insights with sales colleagues, field medical and account teams play a vital role in ensuring a coordinated customer experience.  The two most reported challenges our customers experience with their CRM systems are:

  • Limited utilization of CRM Call Notes by the field organization; and
  • Inconsistent use of the proper field based medical contact method, which may lead to inappropriate channels of communication between field sales and MSLs.

These challenges result in suboptimal customer engagement and may pose compliance risks.

DMH understands why field forces are not fully utilizing CRM systems, addresses that fear, and teaches the field force how to effectively capture their customer interactions in the CRM system so that it accurately reflects customer interactions and ensures that the information shared is not open to misinterpretation by a third party.

Our training program ensures that your field facing teams know how to respond when their customers need information that goes beyond the bounds of the field sales and market access managers roles; including unsolicited requests for off-label information, comparative effectiveness data, healthcare economic data, and other out of job function requests.

Leadership Workshops

The Tone at the Middle

The ethical leader model provides a framework to teach learners how to engage in ethical leadership. Participants will learn the components of ethical leadership and how to create a culture of effective and ethical performance.  The ethical leader model offers real-world education, application workshops and executive challenges that are designed and delivered in a language that your commercial leadership teams will understand.

Compliant Performance Management

The climate of an organization has to be one in which compliant behavior is encouraged, modeled and reinforced by leaders at all levels of a company.  DMH provides training solutions and practical best practice examples that enable leaders to conduct effective and compliant performance management.  Our performance management training programs include:

  • Effective and Compliant Performance Reviews
  • Effective and Compliant Business Plans
  • Effective and Compliant Field Trip Coaching Reports

Sustainability & Licensing

Sustainability Training Tools

DMH has numerous sustainability tools that help ensure a transfer of learning to everyday conduct. These programs include turnkey workshops that provide on-going skill application and skill development.

DMH Licensing Solutions

DMH licenses select training materials and conducts train-the-trainer sessions to certify individuals to teach DMH’s training courses.